Miyerkules, Enero 9, 2013



He is Joji Ishida. His friends used to call him "pon", "hapon", "gee", etc.. He was born on February 21 with a passion on racing. He was a popular drag racer because he went to other places in the Philippines to compete on dragracing. He always won in the competition that made him popular. His skills in using motor vehicles were really excellent. He was at the top of his racing career until the incident happened.

It's December 26, 2013 when the Lord God get him back from this world. He decided to put him away from this sinful world. He wanted him to be in a better place, a place where there is no more tears, no more pain and suffering, and no more race. This news spread in the internet. A lot of people are sad. A lot are hopeless. A lot are posting all the good things about him. A lot are asking for justice to what happened to him.

I, myself has also been affected by this news.I really got sad and depressed. I never expected myself to feel this way. I was never that close to him but I am this affected that I sounds like a girlfriend, family or friend of him. How I wish I was. One thing is I am sure of, and that is the very truth that he has affected my whole life. He was a very kind and adorable one. In despite of his achievements, he was still humble proven by all of the  people he met. Nobody tells any negative thing about him. 

I wish I was able to see him for the very last time. I regret never being there in the last times. 

I am sorry JOJI "HAPON" ISHIDA". I never happened to see you. I dont know if I can look at you in that situation.

You will be missed by everyone and never will you be forgotten. I will keep your memories in me and that's a promise.

Goodbye HAPON. That's for now! You're in the Good Hands. May you rest in peace.


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